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Successful Start-Ups - Get Going. Stay Going.

Simple and effective

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I felt it covered all aspects of starting a business and gave some excellent insight into some of the issues I am likely to face as well as some pit falls I think I would have found myself in.

By Joseph Burdon

31/05/2018 00:37:58

The Successful Business Owner's Guide to Reducing Stress

Great book for business owners

When I first saw this book, I was a little put off by the cover, as it was too plain for me and felt that everything was a bit too simplistic. However, this was an advantage once I got into the actual book, as it is written in an easy to read format and in plain english. I particularly liked the section that covered how all we need to do is aim for good enough, rather than putting ourselves under pressure by seeking perfection. Now that I have read the book, it feels like my business is doing ...

By Jennifer Lukas

03/05/2018 14:37:42

The Successful Business Owner's Guide to Reducing Stress

Handy book full of useful tips

I really enjoyed this book and found the advice really easy to implement and very effective. Would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone seeking a good work/life balance.

By karen Fallis

02/05/2018 16:11:20

Successful Start-Ups - Get Going. Stay Going.


This is a fabulous book with simple tasks to get you thinking about your business. Well worth the purchase.

By karen Fallis

02/05/2018 16:07:44

The Repentant Witch


Highly recommended and one of my new favorite authors! A brilliant conclusion to The Crowded Souls trilogy. Although I thoroughly enjoyed all three of J.C. Beckham's books, this one is my favorite. A fast paced, exciting and engaging page turner that I simply couldn't put down. Beckham is a truly gifted writer who has created a bewitching world, filled with lovable and relate-able characters. Not just for Y.A readers. I enjoy books that can successfully combine the reality of our world with as...

By Dina Bielby

14/01/2018 22:20:38

The Repentant Witch

Fantastic trilogy - highly recommend reading

Wow. Did not want this trilogy to be over. The Repentant Witch, third and final novel in the Crowded Souls Trilogy, is a fantastic and epic conclusion to a thrilling tale of witchcraft and the struggle between good and evil. The story is fast paced, entertaining and the characters are relatable. I felt true empathy and emotion for the characters and the outcomes and consequences of their decisions. The author creates characters you care about what happens to them and brings you along for th...

By Daniel O'Connor

14/01/2018 11:11:48

Healing Cancer Without Drugs

Excellent, informative and honest

Really enjoyed this book - powerful and brutally honest. It was fascinating to go along on the author's journey as she makes the decision to do without drugs when she is diagnosed with cancer. The information is carefully researched and offers alternative ideas when one might be faced with a cancer diagnosis. It enabled me as a reader to have hope that there are other ways of getting healthy and we need to find what best suits us as individuals. I would highly recommend this book.

By Morag Milne

07/01/2018 11:22:56

The Vengeful Witch

Darker continuation of a great story

Fantastic continuation of a great story. This book has a darker feel than the first one and continues to grab hold of you. The well written character's are very real and you empathise with what they are going through. It feels very authentic and I thoroughly enjoyed the darker aspects. Thoroughly recommend reading this book series. Cannot wait to find out what will happen next in this great and compelling story.

By Daniel O'Connor

20/12/2017 12:31:41

The Tormented Witch

Fantastic read

I loved this book and would really recommend reading it. An interesting and compelling story that really draws you in. I can't wait to find out what happens next and would definitely recommend anyone to read it (I am a 31 year old man and I thoroughly enjoyed the book) Very interesting concept and plot and really makes you think what you would do in Leila's situation. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see what’s to come in the Crowded Souls trilogy.

By Daniel O'Connor

20/12/2017 12:27:12

After The Split

The kind of advice that you truly appreciate

After The Split is one of those books that feels like a trusted friend. If you're in the middle of losing everything that has been 'normal', a sound, supportive voice is exactly what you need and exactly what you get in the book. Honest and direct without being insensitive. The advice is invaluable.

By Amy Milchard

04/10/2017 17:55:51

A Tiny Feeling of Fear

A Tiny Feeling of Fear

Great read!


14/08/2017 12:53:50

The Vengeful Witch

Even better than the first

This is the 2nd in the trilogy and starts up exactly where book 1, the Tormented Witch finished up. And wow, you will finish this book breathless. I was literally picked up from page 1 and taken on a high speed ride that constantly changed direction, it was exhilarating. As I had been introduced to the characters in book 1, I felt I got to know them a little better in The Vengeful Witch, and I must say, Leila, the main character grew on me more. In book 1 she was very much the self obsessed ...

By Ruth Booth

09/08/2017 14:23:04

The Tormented Witch

Twilight mashed with Harry Potter

So imagine the Twilight series mashed together with Harry Potter and a bit of The Mean Girls' thrown in for good measure and it will give you an idea of the central plot of this book. Except it's not vampires, it's Witches. And the lead character -Leila, is not the likeable sweet 11 year old Harry, but a mixed up, full of angst 17 year old girl, who acts EXACTLY like my 17 year old daughter acts. It means she may not be the most likeable character at times - I don't always like my daughter (but ...

By Ruth Finan

08/08/2017 11:37:59