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After The Split

The kind of advice that you truly appreciate

After The Split is one of those books that feels like a trusted friend. If you're in the middle of losing everything that has been 'normal', a sound, supportive voice is exactly what you need and exactly what you get in the book. Honest and direct without being insensitive. The advice is invaluable.

By Amy Milchard

04/10/2017 17:55:51

A Tiny Feeling of Fear

A Tiny Feeling of Fear

Great read!


14/08/2017 12:53:50

The Vengeful Witch

Even better than the first

This is the 2nd in the trilogy and starts up exactly where book 1, the Tormented Witch finished up. And wow, you will finish this book breathless. I was literally picked up from page 1 and taken on a high speed ride that constantly changed direction, it was exhilarating. As I had been introduced to the characters in book 1, I felt I got to know them a little better in The Vengeful Witch, and I must say, Leila, the main character grew on me more. In book 1 she was very much the self obsessed ...

By Ruth Booth

09/08/2017 14:23:04

The Tormented Witch

Twilight mashed with Harry Potter

So imagine the Twilight series mashed together with Harry Potter and a bit of The Mean Girls' thrown in for good measure and it will give you an idea of the central plot of this book. Except it's not vampires, it's Witches. And the lead character -Leila, is not the likeable sweet 11 year old Harry, but a mixed up, full of angst 17 year old girl, who acts EXACTLY like my 17 year old daughter acts. It means she may not be the most likeable character at times - I don't always like my daughter (but ...

By Ruth Finan

08/08/2017 11:37:59