How it Works!

The team at Oodlebooks have been helping authors like you to market and sell their books for many years in every book genre from fiction to non-fiction. We have helped authors to become Amazon bestsellers in various categories and, of course, to sell more books.

This process, as most authors are aware, is at best frustrating and at worst, a bombardment of advice on what to do next.

The Oodlebooks online book marketing platform has been created to guide and support you through the most feared part of being an author – promoting yourself, creating followers, and most of all, selling your books. Simple to use and packed full of book marketing tips and tools, Oodlebooks offers a guided approach to book marketing using the principle of FANOLOGY—creating a fan base.

This site is unique and uses the very latest book marketing technology to enhance the purchaser’s experience. Our aim is to help every Oodlebooks author to achieve the success they seek.

Your view of success could be to sell a few more books or it could be to become a well-known author with a growing fan base. Oodlebooks can help you achieve both.

If growing your fans as an author is the key to your success, how can the Oodlebooks-author experience help?

The Oodlebooks author site enables you to grow your fans, to have a sophisticated book mini-marketing website at your disposal, and to learn how to get yourself and your book in front of a wider audience.



 What you need to do next:

  1. Sign up and upload your book for review for FREE. You will receive a free e-book on how the site works with lots of additional book marketing tips.
  2. Once your book has been accepted, a payment link will be sent to you where you can SIGN UP and pay your joining fee of £48.50 this is 50% off the normal fee of £97 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. This enables us to create your account and your book marketing widget. (See examples of book widgets on and Home Page of –
  3. You will also need to sign up separately to a £10 recurring monthly fee that will enable you to use your new author account and begin your fan building process. You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime and although you will keep your book widget, you will no longer be able to grow your list of fans or use the 'message your fans' and the other great marketing features within your author account.



Once you have been accepted as an author and Oodlebooks have created your account for you – then all you will need to do is:

  1. ASK all your network and social media followers TO BECOME A FAN at
  2. Then once a month write an exclusive article and upload it to your author account. We will send it out to your growing list of fans.
  3. Use your unique book mini-marketing website link to send out to your network enabling you to get more shares and more sales.


It’s that simple!

If you only do one thing to help market yourself as an author and sell more books – then JOIN US by submitting your book for FREE today at and watch your popularity and books sales soar.