Walking with Spirit Guides

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White Feather is my Spirit Guide, my Shaman Master/Teacher, and my friend and as you will gather reading onwards through the chapters, White Feather and I have been on some amazing adventures, seen some wonderful sights, taken some nerve-wracking detours and enjoyed some fun and laughter on our way. Walking the path with White Feather by my side has never been dull especially when he introduces other voices and messages from friends into the mix. My journey with White Feather began when he said to me (through the medium of a spirit board) ‘I am White Feather, a Shaman from the Old Lands’. In the days, weeks and months that followed I would channel White Feather every day building the connection, the trust, and the energy until we felt blended. I had always been connected to him, but now I was beginning to hear him without channelling. White Feather was speaking to me, guiding me, it was like hearing a voice in my head that wasn’t my own and the ability to converse and ask questions and know I would be answered. Slowly I began to trust that what I was receiving was worth sharing with you all and that this was what White Feather truly wanted from this connection. Two years on and I was still working solely with White Feather; he was a spirit connection I fully trusted and therefore was nervous of bringing through other spirits for communication. There is something for everyone that finds these pages be it meditation, a quote, a snippet of wisdom or a new technique for your ongoing journey through spirituality and shamanism. If only one thing stands out and brings greater meaning to you on your soul’s journey, then my work here is done. If you want to become part of my tribe, then we can connect when you visit my websites – www.alisonspiritweaver.co.uk | www.shamanicspirit.co.uk

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