The Tormented Witch



Apart from the fact that Leila Albergo was born in England, she was just like any other seventeen-year-old U.S. high schooler. That was until, by a dark twist of fate, she develops supernatural powers.

Leila is convinced that her feelings for school heartthrob Luca Jareau will remain unnoticed until he turns out to be her greatest ally. With his help, she must learn to control her magic and conceal the truth from everyone else, in order to protect the people she loves.

Leila also realises that some friends are not always who they seem to be and that staying alive at any cost, can sometimes be too high a price to pay.’

Meet the Author

Jemma Beckham



Twilight mashed with Harry Potter

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Fantastic read

I loved this book and would really recommend readi...Read More

By Daniel O'Connor

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