The Repentant Witch

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In this the final book in the 'Crowded Souls' trilogy Leila Albergo finds herself travelling quite literally to the ends of the earth to find a way to defeat Lucifer. Along the way, she meets some extraordinary and formidable allies to help her in the fight between good and evil. Packed full of action she is relentless in her pursuit of righting all the wrongs that have happened since unwillingly becoming a witch. The fight of her life and more crucially the fate of the world now hangs in the balance. There is no turning back this time and Leila soon finds herself caught up in the ultimate battle to end all battles.

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Jemma Beckham



Fantastic trilogy - highly recommend reading

Wow. Did not want this trilogy to be over. The R...Read More

By Daniel O'Connor

14/01/2018 11:11:48 / Report


Highly recommended and one of my new favorite auth...Read More

By Dina Bielby

14/01/2018 22:20:38 / Report