The Blinks - Sad

Children's, teenage and educational


Shan is a normal girl in many ways, who has a normal life, but one thing Shan has which many other children don’t is buckets and buckets of sadness. Over time Shan has managed to collect many sad memories which replay constantly in her mind and make her feel sad. Things start to get more difficult when one day at school, when given a very important job, Shan makes a seriously wrong choice and is found out by one of her classmates. Shan feels so sad and worried that she becomes ill and hides away in bed, unable to face going to school. Thankfully, Marlowe Mindful sees Shan as someone who is ready for Blinks’ support and begins the process of helping her understand her sadness and how to change her feelings for the better.

Meet the Author

Andrea Chatten



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