The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick



I don't ever want anyone to say those words about me that we hear so often when someone dies: that they have 'lost their battle with cancer. Firstly, I don't see it as a battle. And I hate the idea of losing. Everyone has to die of something, don't they? We don't say of someone in a car accident that they 'lost their battle with a lorry', do we? It feels strange talking about dying. I don't feel as though I am. Maybe I will be around for quite some time yet; maybe I won't. Equally I don't want to be arrogant enough to presume I've got this licked..." Nina Joy. Nina Joy was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2012 and given less than twelve months to live. In her inimitable style, she decided she wouldn't remain a 'Cancer Virgin', but she would learn what cancer survivors do to stay alive, and do just that. Nina's story is brutally honest yet hugely inspiring. She could not and would not just accept the inevitable so Nina became a 'Cancer Maverick' - learning how to survive and even thrive whilst living with cancer. For anyone whose life has been touched by cancer; for relatives and medical professionals - this book shows how our human spirit can overcome nature's poison. Nina was given 6 months to live 3 years ago and now is a speaker and author helping anyone whose lives are touched by cancer to find hope. In this book - her memoirs - she is honest and inspiring about her continuing journey with cancer.

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Nina Joy



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