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The 7 Secrets of a Highly Successful Golfer - A Beginner's Guide to the Golfing Mind

Sports and outdoor recreation


How great would it be if the next time you went out and played with your regular playing partners you knew ‘the best secrets’ to playing great golf and they didn’t? In addition, the knowledge of how to use these secrets will also provide you with a whole new positive outlook on your game, helping you to regularly play much better golf. Gail places a great deal of importance on having a balanced combination of good playing skills as well as a confident mind-set. She shares with you the ‘Seven Secrets’ that she knows, when combined with an ability to play well, will improve not only your score card, but also your enjoyment of the whole game. Much like life, golf is a game of decisions and emotions, practice and skill, of luck and taking chances – the more you try to control the outcome, the more elusive the rewards; the more you think, the worse you play. This beginner's guide to the mind is a great way to start learning how to apply the winning mindset of a professional golfer. If you want to learn the secrets of playing enjoyable, easy, stress-free golf – then read on. This really is a ‘win-win’ book, because you will also learn how to apply this knowledge to the rest of your life, so that improvements are seen away from the golf course too.

Meet the Author

Gail Smirthwaite