Saturation Point

Thriller / suspense


Environmentalism and humanity are at the core of Saturation Point which is an environmental thriller that looks behind the scenes at the corrupt system in control of our lives and the activities of those in positions of power within governments and corporations the world over. The story so far…Jennifer, a lone woman, determinedly tries to expose an intergenerational plot started in 1947 by banks and multinational corporations to intentionally raise the earth’s temperature through global warming. The plotters have been doing this in order to melt the ice covering Antarctica so that they can gain access to the minerals that lie underneath. The melting of the ice is timed to co-incide with the expiry of the treaty for Antarctica, which expires in the year 2041. After a failed assassination attempt in present day London by members of the Intelligence Agencies ‘ultra secret’ service the ‘Statisticians’, Jennifer must go on the run finding help from unexpected people and quarters including the ‘Watchers’, an ancient secret organisation of master spies and soldiers with an informal network around the world and an agenda of their own. Once on the run, the ‘Hunter and his hounds’, a unit of the Statisticians that specialises in fugitive tracking and assassination, are put onto Jennifer’s trail with one objective. Find her and kill her. A master at hunting people, the Hunter has an unlimited expense account that funds a specialised fugitive hunting party that employs both old fashioned hunters like huntsmen, scent and sight hounding dogs and African Bushmen to the latest in high technology computer analysis. Jennifer’s flight takes her from subterranean city to desert, across oceans and countries from First world Europe to third world Africa via the murky worlds of the homeless, the criminal black market and Intelligence Agency Black Operations. Death is never far from her thoughts or far behind her.

Meet the Author

Andrew Wardle



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