Maggie is independent, confident and content—almost. Her moniker, “Magpie,” aptly describes her tendency to collect things; chiefly, haunting memories of her late husband and son, keeping friends, family and lovers at bay. Tired of wearing the label of “widow” and “childless mother,” and ravenous for physical connection, Maggie submits her profile…and waits. But dating in 2013 is very different and Maggie must learn to navigate online dating sites and modern “same-day” propositions. Soon, she meets Daniel online, but he lives in Atlanta and she, in Denver. Over time, their virtual romance gets in the way of Maggie’s other trysts—and keeping Daniel a secret from her family and friends isn’t easy. Seductive “sexting” keeps the flame burning red-hot; steamy videos and erotic, late night calls add even more fuel to an already scorching fire. Amidst family crisis, a fulfilling career and inquisitive friends, the virtual lovers must determine if there is a chance for real love, not just technologically driven romps. Introspective, romantic and refreshingly “real life,” Magpie is deeply affecting; funny, inspiring and honest, this book captures what life is really like for woman in transition.

Meet the Author

M.A. Reyes



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