Little Daisy-Mae

Biography and True Stories


Wayne and Jennie Little were just like every other ordinary expectant parents. Then when just 25 weeks into her pregnancy Jennie new something was very wrong and was rushed into hospital. Daisy-Mae was born that day lighter than a bag of sugar. This is when Wayne and Jennie's journey began. Wayne set up a Facebook page to let all his family and friends know what was happening and was shocked when he found hundreds joining every day. He had well-wishers from all over the world checking in to find out how the family were. Wayne's style of writing touched the world. At the same time he wrote a letter to his daughter every day - this book is a combination of his Facebook posts and never seen before letters. For anyone who is going through this journey, or has been through it, Little Daisy-Mae is a truly inspiring story.

Meet the Author

Wayne Little



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