How to Be a Cancer Maverick

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'How to Be A Cancer Maverick' is Nina Joy's follow up to her highly successful book 'The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick'. Nina Joy was given less than 6 months to live and she has spent the last three years defying all predictions on her cancer prognosis by taking control of the management of her terminal illness. Looking radiant and living a confident, fulfilled and pain-free life, since the publication of her first book Nina has taken daily calls on 'how she is managing to live so successfully with cancer', and how she continues to defy all the statistics that were given to her with her diagnosis. This book is the result of all that she has done and answers the many questions that she is asked on a regular basis. A must-read for anyone interested in preventing this terrible disease from happening in the first place, for anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer, and for those who want to know more because they have been touched by it through others.

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Nina Joy



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