Hope Won't Pay the Wages

Business and management


A guide for struggling business owners - dealing with the stress caused by: a credit crisis; cashflow issues; a recession; or insolvency. When a business gets into difficulty there are countless professional firms ready and willing to deal with the business itself – but what about you, the business owner? This is the first book written purely to help you deal with the personal impact of a faltering or failing business, or potential corporate insolvency and any associated stress you may experience. Filled with honest and revealing accounts from business owners with first-hand experience; this book draws out their essential learning points and gives you the tools you need to get back on the ladder to success. If you don't know which way to turn and believe that you are out of options, this book will help you to find your way. When you have a credit crisis or a cashflow issue or are facing a recession or insolvency, you need to take positive action. NOW! Because... Hope Won’t Pay the Wages.

Meet the Author

Andrew Miller



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