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“I wrote this book because I know the principles I talk about work. I managed to have a bestseller on Amazon in the Golf category all about building a more confident golfing mindset – no mean feat! This was because I had nurtured and built a fanbase of loyal readers over a number of years, using the principles that I share in this book. ‘Fanology’ is a word I created that I felt encapsulated the entire process I used to become a successful author and speaker. My background in media and marketing meant that I probably had a headstart on what to try, but it certainly took a great deal of tenacity to follow it all through. There are many unique and easily accessible fan-building techniques in this book for you to try. I’ve written the book using easy-to-follow advice that enables you to by-pass the many years of trial and error that I experienced. If you’re determined to become a more successful author no matter the genre; fiction or non-fiction, then this is the book for you. I hope you find ‘Fanology’ helps you to achieve the success and book sales you seek. It certainly helped me, and the variety of authors and genres that I now support in growing their own author platform and fanbase.” Gail Powell.

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