Essential Online Advertising

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There’s so many online ‘paid advertising’ options out there that claim to generate leads and sales in return for a sum of money that it can be quite baffling to most small business owners. Within this book, you will find out about the different and most popular platforms for advertising online – Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and YouTube Ads, providing an in-depth overview. The book focusses on the need-to-know facts, so you’re left with a better understanding of how the platforms work, what results you should expect to achieve, and how best to spend your budget. If you’re a business owner who is looking for increased exposure online through Google search and social media, you will also learn the facts you need to know to decide whether to invest in paid advertising at all, and which platforms will be best suited to your business and your budget, if you do decide to go this route. You will also have a better understanding of how online paid advertising can provide new opportunities for increased brand awareness, exposure, and lead generation, for your business or organisation. It is also important to be able to assess the success of a campaign, make the necessary adjustments to improve the performance, and achieve the successes you seek through paid online advertising. This book does all that and more. It really is the essential guide to online advertising for the solopreneur business owner.

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