Dust in My Pack

Travel and holiday


Follow one traveller’s journey across seven continents to reveal some of the most fascinating places to explore on our planet. Sail to Antarctica and walk among penguins or camp beneath a foraging elephant in Malawi. Savour coffee in an Nicaraguan ecolodge, trek Africa’s third highest peak in Uganda or cycle to a rarely-visited temple in southern Laos. Dust in My Pack is a new kind of travel book. It brings far-flung places to life while providing practical guidance to help create your own personalized adventure. Destinations are grouped into themed chapters: boat trips, multi-day treks, day hikes, temples and forts, ancient cities, getaway adventures, serene scenes, animal encounters and unforgettable accommodations. For those inflicted with wanderlust, this book uncovers unforgettable destinations worth visiting. Ignite your adventurous soul in jungle-clad temples or among hundreds of chanting monks. Dive the Gulf of Oman’s balmy waters or discover a pristine ecolodge in Mozambique embedded in the community. Feed your curiosity.

Meet the Author

Nancy O’Hare



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