Cue the Camels

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Many people would think they'd made it if they were surrounded on a daily basis by A-list celebrities in sunny California, with pastries on tap. Not so Dave Banks, who - as a freelance cameraman - regularly stepped out from the cushy Tonight Show studios to film in some of the most hostile locations in the world. Getting lost in landmine fields, being shot at and having a bounty on his head was all in a day's work for Dave as he strived to bring the audience things they'd never seen the likes of before. In Cue the Camels, three-time Emmy award winning film-maker Dave shares some of the adventures he enjoyed - and sometimes endured - whilst in pursuit of the 'money shot'. His comedic style is sure to entertain and the things he's experienced will leave you in awe. Find out what actually goes on behind the camera...

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Dave Banks



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