Compassionate Leadership

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“Chris has succeeded in providing a highly engaging mix of life experience, psychology and neuroscience, along with approaches and insights and where to go next, all in one book. There is a superb collection of diagrams. You will explore the human side of leadership: how to truly understand people and yourself, trust, team development, culture - right through to personal meaning and looking after your most important asset – you!”
Adrian Brown - Chief Executive VP Group

I wrote this book as a point of reference for all those leaders who aspire to a civilised workplace, one in which people enjoy belonging rather than being obliged to fit in. It is an antidote to those business ‘reality’ TV shows where respect flows one way and the big boss gratuitously tears into his hapless charges before announcing “You are fired!” The participants compete ruthlessly with one another, are encouraged to put one another down, and fame and money are the sole motivators.

In my experience, leadership in successful companies is not like that. It’s about putting your people first, creating a convivial work environment, supporting individual and team fulfilment, and ultimately giving everyone, including you the manager, a more purposeful and satisfying life.

Chris Whitehead

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Chris Whitehead



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