Chaos in Cavalon



The Realmking is dead. An untested heir has ascended the throne and faces an enemy from beyond the border of Cavalon. The ferocious Dukal and the wild savages from the Outer Lands have united under a mysterious leader whose lineage is believed to have been wiped out long ago. His widowed mother lends her support, but the secret she struggles to keep could pose an even bigger threat to the stability of the realms. In the underbelly of the capital, House Ellwood strives to maintain the balance between crime and justice in the face of its own challenge from a rival, while a young man from an orphaned past seeks a place in society among his peers. Outside Lighthaven, House Branston grapples with its alliances and the consequences of sending a son and daughter abroad in a shifting political landscape. The seasons of peace and prosperity have ended. Blood and battle have taken over. Chaos has come to Cavalon.

Meet the Author

Matt Wilson



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