Be Fabulous at Finance

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Many solopreneurs do not understand – or want to know about – the financials of their business, yet harnessing just a little knowledge in this area could mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Andi Lonnen explains the most important financial elements, empowering solopreneurs and small business owners to apply this information so that they make sound decisions that will not only sustain their business but boost its growth. By following the straightforward, jargon-free steps in this book, you’ll be able to better manage and improve the cash flow in your business, get money in from even your slowest-paying customers, improve your income and costs – thereby improving profitability – and better plan and budget for your future, which includes paying the taxman. Simple to understand yet powerful and effective, Andi Lonnen’s advice is crucial to your business’ future.

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Andi Lonnen



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