After The Split

Health and personal development


The Definitive Guide to Recovery when Relationships Breakdown

Are you, or someone you know, going through a breakup?

This book will help you to:

• Survive the immediate aftermath of the breakup
• Make sense of what happened
• Take control back
• Deal with damaging emotions
• Learn from the experience
• Prepare to move forward in a positive way

“Danielle came into my life as I was trying to recover from an unexpected and very painful separation from my husband (my partner of 32 years) - who had embarked on an affair. With her humour, lovely warm personality and wisdom she helped me to see that although I could do absolutely nothing about what my husband had done I could forge ahead to a brighter and hopeful future by focusing on my strengths and by building my confidence”.

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Danielle Barbereau



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After The Split is one of those books that feels l...Read More

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