The team at Oodlebooks have been helping self-published authors, like you, to market and sell books for many years; in every book genre from fiction to non-fiction. We have helped authors to become Amazon bestsellers in various categories and, of course, to grow and improve the sales of books.

This process, as most authors are aware, is at best frustrating and at worst, a bombardment of advice on what to do next.

The Oodlebooks online author and book marketing platform has been created to simplify the process for you.

  1. You will receive a free download of our Managing Director's book 'Fanology for Authors'—which is all about creating a fan base using Oodlebooks and your current social media platforms.

     2. This site is unique in that it matches fans with authors in a one-step website that marries the discerning book reader with the quality self-published author.

     3. For 'Author Plus' account holders this site uses the very latest book marketing technology to enhance the purchaser’s  experience through an easy-to-use book marketing app.

Our aim is to help every Oodlebooks author to achieve the success they seek by supporting them through the rocky road to marketing success as well as introducing them to a ready-made fan base.

As an Oodlebooks author, you will be able to –

  • Grow your fan base
  • Use the latest marketing techniques
  • Gain as marketing support that cuts to the chase
  • Access a much wider and more engaged readership


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