Gail Smirthwaite


Gail Smirthwaite is a confidence coach specialising in the golfing mind-set.

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Gail has worked alongside US Open Golf Champions and amateurs alike, helping golfers of all standards to achieve the mental mind-set they need for success.

Gail qualified with a Social Studies degree from the University of Sussex, and the University of California, San Diego and gained her Diploma from the University of Wolverhampton Business School in Life Coaching in 2004. She soon became sought after for her sound common sense advice and help within both the professional and amateur golfing communities.

In her new book 'The Conscious Golfer' she shows you how to get to know yourself better.

It’s only through becoming consciously aware of the negativity around you, and that which you self-impose, will you be able to create the success you seek on the golf course.