Dominic Buffery


Dominic Buffery has turned the world of Paranormal Thrillers on its head. His insightful and often moving stories are based on the events of life has and this is reflected in his prose.

He currently owns and runs two successful businesses. He still finds time to sit at his desk not only writing new books but also revisiting and reworking manuscripts previously written and discarded.

When asked what drives him to write Dominic said "I believe in legacy writing and a moment of creativity was born out of a need to leave something behind. Life is ripples of time and how what happened in the past affects what happens today. It's entirely a sliding doors effect and that fascinates me”.

Dominic has published 2 novels to date 'The Odyssey of Daniel Bonner' and 'Runner of the Dukeing Days'. His latest novel 'The Hall of Souls' (an Odyssey sequel) is due out in December 2015.