Christine Mowbray and Dr. Karen Forshaw


We are a Physiotherapist and a General Practitioner.

The Five-Point Rescue Plan came about as a result of shared experiences over coffee between friends.

We are both health practitioners who met many years ago at a time when clinical practice was far from our minds.

We found great comfort in our common flaws and learned to accept them in ourselves, appreciating the humour of seeing them in each other.

As our children grew and their independence increased, we slowly took back our professional roles.

In these roles, we helped patients to negotiate the common difficulties that we all encounter throughout our lives.

Our clinical experiences varied from minor and temporary complaints to the worst of diagnoses.

We continued to support each other, sharing our experiences, and that was when we discovered our common approach.

The Five-Point Rescue Plan was in existence before we knew what it was.

We were instinctively empowering patients and helping them to help themselves.

We soon realised that we could improve on this and we actively shaped the process.

The Five-Point Rescue Plan was born.

We both use the plan daily, in our own lives and in empowering our patients.

Mastering the Five-Point Rescue Plan will give you the power to create the most positive outcome in any situation, whatever the limitations.