Andrew Wardle


Many things are hidden in plain sight. Corruption and the destruction of man and nature are the focus of my writing with answers to the question why always in the forefront of my work. I have always had a primal interest in and love for nature. A few years after leaving school I trained in the environmental sciences and after experiencing first-hand the destruction of African wilderness the ink started to flow from my pen to give voice to this loss to mankind. Experience has taught me that nobody wants to hear the bad news about how we are destroying the earth but everybody loves a good story especially a good thriller. So I decided to combine the two to educate people and earn a living from it. I write for the people because I'm one of the people and what I have learnt scares the hell out of me. Research for my writing is like being on a roller coaster. Now that the ride has started I cant stop it just because I am feeling sick. The more I learn the more I feel that the average person does not know.