Alison SpiritWeaver


Alison SpiritWeaver is a self-confessed tree hugger – prolific, in fact - and has no inhibitions when it comes to loving nature in all its variance.

She has a love for life and is constantly reaching for the next opportunity and experience.

She lives in the beautiful and mystical town of Glastonbury in the UK and is often found walking in nature with her dog, Rufus, the Irish Setter. She can often be found with her nose buried in a good-ish book, dancing in line to some country music or knee deep in herbs, flowers, and gnomes in the back garden.

As a healer, mentor and teacher of the shamanic, sacred and spiritual pathways, she wants to bring the experience of connection; the journey into other realms and realities; the excitement of knowing your guides; and the oneness that is true healing into as many people’s experiences as she can reach. Her healing journey has taken her to many places from Egypt to Peru; from Australia to Wales; from Devon to Hawaii, and in her many travels and initiations she has found a deep love of herself, others and the world awakening as a foundation for all that she experiences in life.