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The Oodlebooks team have a review process that ensures that all the books sold through our bookstore platform are quality books in their field. We represent authors who are struggling to find a platform that will enable them to grow a fanbase for their work and to sell more books as a result.

Although we try to ensure the quality content of each book, we are not responsible for how they are printed or despatched. Oodlebooks is an online shop that represents the authors and their books. Each book is sold and dispatched via the authors’ chosen online route i.e. Amazon, Waterstones, i-books, their own website, etc.

If you have any questions relating to the delivery of your book, then please refer back to your purchase receipt which should give you the necessary query or returns details of the correct company to contact.

If you have any other questions use the free online chat facility or email us on – info@oodlebooks.com

We also have a dedicated phone line – 0844 573 3370.

We look forward to helping you to create greater author success.

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(N.B. There is a 7p per minute charge if you choose to contact us by phone).